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The Rotted 'Ad Nauseam' CD

Image of The Rotted 'Ad Nauseam' CD


New album from the UK masters of D Beat Death Metal! 11 tracks of misery, mayhem, death and destruction!

The Rotted play old school D-Beat death metal. Dark nihilistic lyrics are spat out over a wall of heavy as hell and fast as fuck music, just like your mother used to disapprove of. The Rotted are the soundtrack for the end of days.

Reviews so far...

8/10 Metal Hammer - UK
9/10 Powerplay - UK
13/15 Legacy - Germany
A+ Metal Army USA
5/6 Thrash Hits UK

31st October 2011 release date

1. Anarchogram Sun
2. Rex Oblivione
3. Surrounded By Skulls
4. Non Serviam
5. Just Add Nauseam
6. Entering The Arena Of The Unwell
7. The House Of Bedlam
8. Apathy In The UK
9. Motorbastards
10. The Hammer Of Witches
11. Put Me Out Of Your Misery

Produced by Russ Russell
Recorded at Parlour Studio UK
Artwork by Reverend Trudgill
Layout by Ben McCrow